The Chicks of Catawba County
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Episode One: The Chicks of Catawba County -  5.30.14
First, there was Jersey Shores
Then, Housewives of Atlanta
NOW...The Chicks of Catawba County!

Episode Two  - 7.31.14
The Chicks share some of their likes and dislikes.

Chicken Coop - at night or anytime we get skeert
Fresh Water

Sudden moves
Load noises
Pretentious reality shows


With great care this morning, Egbert was soft-boiled and it turns out, the first egg from the Chicks was a double-yolker. 

Episode Four: 
EGGORAMA  - 8.10.14
Egbert Junior arrived today (egg #2). He's a tiny lad. The girls are roaming almost 2 of the 3 acres now. So far, they've decided to stay inside the fence. If they decide to get wild & crazy, might have to do some wing clipping. Wonder if the Jersey Shore Mom's ever considered clipping their kid's wings? 

Episode Five - 
The Ovulation Celebration! 8.10.14
The Chicks are pretty much in full swing now in all ways. Today was the first day seven eggs were laid and suspect most all the Chicks are laying. With laying, they've got a new found bravery and pretty much bring new meaning to the phrase, "free-range" as they've just about turned every pile of leaves on the 3 acres upside down and inside-out...including large parts of my garden. 

Episode Six - 
The Chicks are Lousy Bloggers 8.10.17
The Chicks are lousy bloggers. They finally have gotten around to posting three years to the last date. OK, well, there are all new Chicks, so can't blame the originals, I guess. 
There's Chicks from all backgrounds now, Barred Rocks, Black Sex-Links, Silver Wyandottes, Golden Wyandottes, New Hampshire Reds, and Buff Orpingtons. 
One of the few that has her own special name - Brownie. 

The girls were not happy to see this outside their coop this morning. Hawks, egg-eating snakes, possums, coons, skunks, and bad neighbor dogs are some of the challenges the Chicks face.