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My home state of Texas and my adopted state of North Carolina have some amazing flavors when it comes to smoked meats. I've worked to take the best of both worlds to blend them together into dry rubs, sauces and recipes that friends, co-workers and family alike have given a big thumbs up to. I call these Gary's Not So Secret Rubs, Sauces & Recipes. 

I don't have big production lines contracted in New Jersey or even in Charlotte; it's just me in the kitchen whipping up the occasional batch of rub or sauce for family and friends. Click the order form link below if you'd like a batch of one of my rubs or sauce. 

Gary's Not So Secret Heavy Rub - $8/pint (dry measure).
a stout rub with a dark secret for strong cuts of meat like Boston Butts, ribs or beef briskets.
Gary's Not So Secret Light Rub - $9/pint (dry measure).
rosemary's what makes this rub special. Originally created for my first turkey I smoked for Thanksgiving. Also good for chicken and lighter cuts like pork tenderloin and even fish like salmon.
Gary's Not So Secret TX-NC BBQ Sauce - $7/quart jar
a dark, tangy sauce with a dark secret and a hint of molasses sweetness and heat. Not too thin, not too thick, it's just right. 
Gary's Not So Secret Online Access:  - $19, one time fee
recipes to my rub, sauce and other recipes plus my smoking tips and notes

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Here's a shot of my happy smoker.                  Pulled pork for the company picnic using 
                                                                                           Gary's  Not So Secret Heavy Rub.                                                                  .