Organic* Produce

Unfortunately, we have no produce to share at this time. Please check back later or check out the Center UMC Farmer's Market on Wednesday afternoons starting late spring. 

*Our produce is organic with an asterisk. We do not claim to be certified organic and cannot justify the cost to become certified organic. However, we make every effort to be organic, so, we give you our solemn word that we use no chemical pesticides, herbicides or petroleum-origin fertilizers in the production of our produce in our garden. 

We use accepted organic methods for pest and weed control and soil supplements including:
  • Garlic/Cayenne tea
  • Compost Tea/Molasses foliar feeding & soil drench
  • Compost from our chicken coop and horse manure compost from a local horse barn
  • Mulch from a local tree service
  • Neem Oil
  • BT
  • Mechanical means - we squish bugs any chance we get.
  • Chickens - The Chicks of Catawba County are our backup insect control patrol.